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We are the Leading IT solution Company. We blend your ideas and our experience that excels your digital looks.

Our Mission & Vision

Innovative solutions simplified!

Setting the algorithms for a wholesome experience, we deliver perfection in the IT segment. Bridging the gap between technology and personalization, we strive to deliver a wholesome experience backed by innovation and competency.


To offer unparalleled software solutions and application development that empower businesses to outperform like never before. We strive to bring the niche technology to every business owner at affordable prices.

We are not just an ordinary company we are the creators of New Technology

At SKEIN, we believe in the power of ‘we’. Our team comprises of interdisciplinary domain experts, exceptional web developers, technology architects and data analysts who deliver comprehensive solutions for all kinds of business projects. We develop custom hardware and software solutions that range from the smallest of drive building to more complex 3D interactive ecosystems running on IoT.

Deciphering challenging concepts and developing pristine end-to-end eco systems

At SKEIN we offer a host of solutions that range from assessing the idea feasibility to development of custom concepts and solutions. We offer unyielding support for your business based on your requirements, offering solutions that are technology sound, AI supported, interactive and intuitive. Our solution deliver mode includes end-to-end management and support right from the beginning. It includes verifying concept feasibility, demo solution implementation and custom software or hardware development. From a full range of comprehensive web and mobile app development, 3D interactive solutions, ChatBots, cloud computing solutions to staffing, we excel in all things IT.

Research and development conceptualization

Our first step is to understand the feasibility ratio of your idea and plans. Once you approach us with your tech concept, we explore the opportunities it possesses to in-depth R&D that helps us understand your needs, research on the industry practices prevalent, decipher the scientific codes and measure implementable technologies.

Proof of concept feasibility

Once we have conceptualized your property technology, we build a framework or proof of concept structure using the hardware and software ideated to understand if the concept will be fully functional. We look into the software for any form of possible bugs, errors and also decipher the potential costs involved.

Developing Demo Applications

Get an idea of the actual performance of the solution through a comprehensive demo that allows you to test drive the product for your target audience and investors. This will enable informed decision making through real time experience of the product and help investors and target market witness a sensory experience aiding decision making.

Fully integrated custom solutions

We help develop intuitive custom solutions from the ground up or work around enhancing an existing tech solution that you may possess. Developing interactive 3D solutions or custom web and mobile app development, cloud based solutions or human language sensitive ChatBots, our solutions are innovative, efficient and all about YOU!


I have come up with my Food Startup Idea, Skein Tech helped me to build Complete End to End Solutions.
Joel Ellis Executive Director
Excellent Support by Mobile App Team for integrating App with our existing social networking platform, Completed full app for social networking Site in 2 Months Time
Vanessa Gibbs Marketing Manager
Continuos Try even the solution is not reached is what i would like tell about Skein Tech, they did lot of research in development of Cricket Analytics App for us, Great Support & Best Wishes
Neal Leyton Web Developer

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