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Scope of the project

Project requirements

At the initial stage, our team gathers the client requirements and researches the online meeting app competitors already in the market. As part of this, we built user personas, which helped us understand the goals and obstacles of the real users who are going to be using the virtual meeting app.

App development

Since the iMeetify app was used for all international business meetups, we have decided to develop a mobile app, supporting the latest OS versions of android and iOS platforms. iMeetify can be easily concatenated with your business affairs and helps in achieving your business goals.

App design

We have designed a unique online meeting app that can be customized and configured based on the need of business clients. The usability of the iMeetify takes your meetings to the next level. It accommodates plenty of functionality needed for a business firm as a demand in the day to day life.

App testing

We offered a bug-free personal meeting app to our end users by our Quality Analyst expert team's dedication. To ensure our app consistently provides delightful user experiences,the iMeetify testing takes place in an iterative process to identify the major bugs of the meeting app.

App search optimization

The app contains unique descriptive and keyword-rich titles to hit the highest rank in the app store and play store. Before placing precise keywords on the app, the team has done researches to learn about traffic, difficulty, and demand for those keywords and how many apps are already using it.

Support and maintenance

iMeetify was developed based on smartphones. The app was supported and maintained for iOS versions 11 & above and for Android version is available at 6 and above. Tablet version development is still under construction and will be announced and released soon!

Key Features

iMeetify is one of the modern virtual communication apps, helps you to organize meetings with ease

Organize and share online meetings

iMeetify provides you the easiest way to organize an online meeting and appointment with your friends, colleagues, business partners, and clients. Share the scheduled meetings with them based on their availability.

Manage your business meeting

iMeetify allows you to accept, reject, cancel & delete meetings with ease. Share your iMeetify app online calendar with other iMeetify users and let them know your availability time slots. iMeetify represents a better user interface.

Share your Google calendar

We integrated the google calendar remainders into our virtual meeting app. You could sync your Google calendar account with the iMeetify app. For virtual meetings, you could navigate into your google meet account and join the meeting.

Quick meet

Quickly, schedule an in-person meeting or virtual meeting along with your client. Quick-meet or short meet options complete with automatic reminders for events and online business meetings & collaboration.

Multiple conferencing

The virtual meeting app allows users to merge and manage their contact numbers to the app, using easy-dial features. So that Meeting organizers could go for multiple conferencing and share information and data.

Daylight Saving Time

Many northern hemisphere country peoples use the Daylight Saving Time. DST mainly begins in the month of March or April when the summer starts and ends in September or November when winter returns.

imeetify app screen

How we do it


We have developed an official mobile app for scheduling meetings and achieve your business goals. iMeetify has been built with a modern tech stack, which plays a vital role in our enterprise development. Native android iMeetify application was developed using java stack, and node js was used for the back-end service.

imeetify app screen


For native iMeetify iOS application development, we have used the swift 4 programming language. Node js has been used for fetching the client-side data from the database to the front-end iMeetify app. We made use of the AWS cloud database for storing the virtual meeting data.

imeetify app screen


The UI theme was set by the client and forwarded with our development team. Our primary role was to create the user interface more user-friendly, fascinating, and easy to navigate for the meeting planners.

imeetify app screen

How it works

iMeetify development steps

Front-end and back-end development

The front-end and back-end development process include various activities such as establishing the development environment, developing multiple parts of the code, and basic unit testing.

QA Testing and Deployment

For the better performance of the iMeetify app we did both UAT testing and Beta testing. Finally, we have published our online meeting iMeetify app into the Google Play and Apple App Store.

Virtual conferencing

You could organize group meetings with multiple calendar views. By using & account, the virtual meeting link was acquired for scheduled in-person meet with the location.

Push notification

Push notification would be automatically generated and sent to the users on their mobile devices, addressing whether the event or meeting is on time to start.

Easy sign-up

Register into the application by making use of your mobile number. And then enter your profile details. Login happens through phone authentication, which is handled by Firebase.


iMeetify is free of cost for basic features used by consumers and individuals. iMeetify app cost varies for business and endeavor clients, based on their subscription plan.

App Screen shots

imeetify app screen
imeetify app screen
imeetify app screen
imeetify app screen
imeetify app screen
imeetify app screen

Technologies used for

  • ios swift
  • zoom online meeting
  • google firebase
  • apple

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imeetify app screen

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