Scope Of The Project!

Product requirements

Analyzing the client requirements, business specifics, targeted audience, mission, and vision plays a vital role in the initial phase, for an app development process.

App design

We empathized with the real users and came up with a highly interactive and more user-friendly mobile app. It has a good user experience across the entire ecosystem of the mobile application.

App development

We create a milestone-based development plan and then carry on with the app development accordingly. Around the world, about 85% of customers use mobile commerce instead of website e-commerce.

App testing

The quality analysis team does both manual and automation testing during the beta test. Where we can measure which iteration leads to an improvement, before reaching the actual audience.

App search optimization

The quality of the app has been increased to set a benchmark for success in the digital world. The HTML title tags and meta descriptions are more informative for better convenience. 

Support and maintenance

The key role of our success is the synergy between our team and the client. Providing service to the client adds some central values to our solutions

Key Features

sugam grocery shopping app ui

Browse products from the list

Browse farm products from the available list. Filter the products using the daily, monthly and seasonally options as well the categories provided such as fruits, vegetables, diary and so on.

Increment or decrement a product based on your entitlement shares. In case if you need a product stock quantity above your shares, add a request to the admin. Based on the stock availability and based on priority, the demand would be provided.

How We Do It?



As a leading mobile app development enterprise, we create solutions that captivate users and achieve business goals.The hybrid application was developed using ionic four and angular. Cordova plugins have been used to add native features. For the storage purpose MySQL, DB is used.



Since the Sugam app was developed on the hybrid platform, its features and functionality support multi-platform, on both android and iOS devices, using React Native. The end-user would also own an iPhone, so the sugam e-commerce app is available for both Android and iOS versions. 

sugam grocery shopping app design


Our challenges were to create the e-commerce app more user-friendly, eye-catchy, and easy to navigate, for the customers and entrepreneurs. We created wireframes, data flow diagrams, and clickable prototypes for a better understanding of the client's idea.

How It Works

App development cycle

  • Project Analysis Project analysis and requirement gathering for the online grocery app development.
  • Design & Development Creating wireframes, Data flow diagrams, design mockups and clickable prototypes of the e-commerce app screens.
  • Front-end and back-end development.
  • Quality analysis and Deployment We do both manual and automation unit testing.

The Admin Panel

The admin dashboard is the part of the e-commerce shopping, mainly used for grocery store management and product order processing. The admin panel consists of products and category management. You can add products, edit their information and images, and categorize them. The shopping cart also includes a list of recent orders and their status; admin himself can place an order for his trusted customers. The e-commerce dashboard includes diagnostic and other information, room for customizing your small business on an online ecommerce store, and marketing to customers.

Back-end development

Sugam offers business standards with best backend development services for all retail stores. We use the node js platform as an interface for data transformation between the mobile commerce app and the MySQL Database, where data are transferred quickly and more authentic. We have made a clean interface so that end users can track their orders.

Agile development approach

Sugam app offers a bug-free online shopping cart and more relevant to the user because it was developed under the Agile methodology approach. We use Jira software to keep tracking the results of each sprint. Daily scrum meetings/stand-ups were conducted by the scrum master between the scrum team, where the app development flaws and heights were noticed. Significant issues were quickly sorted and fixed then and there. Progress of the app outcome was reported to the client after the completion of each sprint.

Grocery shopping report

The products listed and ordered by the customers on the app are tracked in the admin grocery shopping reports to analyze the growth of the e-commerce stores. See which products are selling—and which ones aren't. The report also allows you to focus on the revenue returns from the products. It maps online shopper activities on to the app. Performance comparison can be made between the products based on the number of views, added to cart, ordered and purchased. Products were analyzed, and appropriate measures were taken to improve our grocery shopping app business.

sugam grocery shopping app ui

App Screen

Technology Stack

sugam grocery shopping app ui

Making use of modern technology & industry experience, our full-stack developers develop successful, highly responsive android apps that hit Quick Time to Market.

  • Front end development services hybrid platform - iconic, flutter, react, Vue js
    Native platform – angular, node js
  • Back end development services Languages – PHP, Python, angular js, node js, express js
    Frameworks – laravel, CodeIgniter, cake Php, symphony, Django, flask
  • Database storage system Structural DB –MySQL, post SQL, Oracle SQL, SQL lite
    Unstructured DB - Mongo DB
  • API integration We use the Rest API for app development.

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