Benefits of Using Chatbots for App Business

Benefits of Using Chatbots for App Business

A chatbot is a program which is developed based on AI technology which stimulates real human-like conversation with humans. In recent years we have seen chatbot is reaching it’s popularly and have gone through major updates and adaptation. Chat widely used by much online business as it reduces the pain factor faced by business today. Chatbot helps the business to support, streamline the process in terms of the customer relationship.

What makes chatbot chat stand out from other technology is the ability to make engaging conversation with customers. This makes many companies implement this technology in their business. From the recent report from August 2107 to till date 36% of the USA and 11% of India population are using a chatbot for their business. The needs and use of chatbots are increasing here are some major benefits of Chabot in business.


According to research by Gartner, customer service is the most important factor in success.  Chatbot helps to reduce cost on investment of manpower if you hire customer support for interacting with your customers’ average person can work up to 8 hours a day along with the error, carelessness, ideal time etc also may affect your reputation among your customers.

Meanwhile, Implementing chatbot on your business can be a game changer as it works 24/7 and available all day to guide your customer. With its adaptive machine learning capability it can make real conversation with a human and respond quickly there is no room for error or misguidance.

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Affordability! When we are talking about Benefits of chatbot we can’t skip the term affordability. You bound to have many employees if you are running a business whether it is small or large you should pay for their work. The needs and requirement of the employees tend to grow as the company grows which leads to the higher investment on manpower.
In contrast, AI-powered chatbot helps to reduce the manpower as they are a one-time investment.
They help companies to reduce their investment and time conception of selecting the right employees for the position. A chatbot can be easily customized and configured according to the business needs and maintenance cost is also very less.

Handling Capability

Humans can handle only one task at a time. Managing two or more customers may lead to catastrophe. Unlike a human, Chatbot can simultaneously communicate to the thousands of people at a time.  Chatbot answers each and everyone immediately no matter what time of day it is, or how many people contact you.

Imagine you own an e-commerce website it is very difficult to manage customers and answer all their queries simultaneously. As the queries keep on increasing you need more manpower to handle. When a chatbot is implemented it can handle every queries ease and caters all your customers’ needs.

Increases Customer engagement

Of course, keeping your clients engaged in your brand is important. According to research, customer spending increased by 30% in companies that engage their customers in social media. While chatbots can help social media make the commitment to customers more interactive.

In general, a conventional customer service interface provides more information that users receive. Chatbots, however, give you only a small amount of information at once and can lead the interaction at any given time based on the input provided by the user. Therefore, Chatbots does not bore irrelevant and unnecessary information to customers and keep your customers longer on your platform and keep the content flowing with the talk.

Data & Metrics

Chatbots are great tools for communicating with customers, as mentioned above. You can improve your services/products and even optimize your website by adjusting low-level converting pages with feedback gathered through simple questions.  Chatbots can contact to your customer if they are leaving your page and conduct the survey and find out the reason why customers are leaving as it helps to improve the business and customer needs.
Chatbots used for tracking user data by monitoring buying patterns and behaviors. This helps a company to analyze the likings and requirement of the customers.

This means that companies can track their users ‘ commands and responses, predict the responses based on the customer and send the bot to propose another or more useful products or services for the users and inform sales and marketing departments for customized services.

Customer satisfaction

People react to others by mood and emotion. If a customer has a good attitude or is at ease he is most likely to talk well to customers. The customer is not happy in contrast.

Chatbots bound to and obey certain rules, as long as they scheduled. They always treat a customer in the polite and best way, regardless of how hard the person is. A bot can also be trained to communicate in the travel and hospitality industries, where travelers do not speak the same language.

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