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Enhance Your Digital Space With Android and iOS App

Do you need an app for your business to serve your online community better? Is it challenging for you to make your online presence stronger? Then, Skeintech can solve it for you. Our talented and dedicated team converts your website into customized mobile applications for Android and iOS platforms.

  • Use of latest technologies or solutions
  • Building creative, secure, and reliable app solutions
  • Providing mobile applications for all niche

Only Website? No, Your Business Needs
Mobile Apps. Here is Why

The world is changing. Your competitors are on their way to develop apps to improve their business.
So, why should you fall behind? Here are a few benefits of apps for your business that you should knows.

customized ecommerce design Provides more value

As technology advances, your customers' expectations also grow. And an app becomes a great channel to satisfy these needs. You can also get convenience at their fingertips through an app

ecommerce big data Create stronger brand

The app helps you in boosting your brand awareness and nurture the relationship with your customers. You can also use the data collected from the app to understand your target audience in a better way and improve your marketing strategy.

personalized online store Faster response

What plays a significant role in converting your lead into a customer? Speed of your support's response. And with the app, you can deliver them with the best communication speed possible.

Ecommerce multi channel Increase customer loyalty

A higher rate of customer retention helps your business to succeed. And how can an app help in this? You can use apps to improve customer loyalty by providing value as instant rewards and product recommendations.

eCommerce store management Have a competitive edge

Compared to websites, mobile apps can offer instant communication. And this speed in communication plays a significant role in achieving the highest rate of customer satisfaction and helps you be ahead of your competitor

digital marketing for eCommerce Higher customer engagement

You can increase your brand loyalty and revenue by focusing on your customer engagement. And with the help of apps containing features like segmented targeting, you can achieve higher customer engagement and improved business.

taxi-app maintenance

Shift Your Focus From Website to Android App

In this digital era, what matters the most is being ahead of your competitor in reaching the target audience. And how can you achieve this? Indeed, not by your mere online presence through websites. You have to go on the mobiles to reach more target audiences and convert them into your valued customers. If you are still relying on websites, then you are missing out on many opportunities to make your business a hit. So, are you in to convert your website into an android app? We are here to make it happen.

Need an iOS App? We Can Do That Too

Did you know 66% of the world's population uses smartphones, out of which 900 million use iPhones? Even though it is less than the Android users, you should make your app available to the target audience who use iPhones. Because, why deprive this section of smartphone users of your services, right? And also, 65% of app downloads on iOS come directly from the App Store, making it a great user acquisition channel. Therefore, your visibility in the App Store may land you on your user's home screen. It is a powerful thing.

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What Makes a Successful Mobile App?

You cannot win the game against your competitor just by launching Android and iOS apps. It should combine three aspects of your business more innovatively: user, market, and your product. Only then you can provide outstanding usability, unique value to your customers. Here are the other essential parameters that your app should satisfy. And the good news is, we, at Skeintech, assure you of these all !

active mq
  • Speed
  • Simple, quick, and easy
  • Providing solution to the problems
  • Good offline services
  • Single service at the optimal level
  • Personalized user experiences

How Do We Turn Your Websites into Mobile Apps?

Developing mobile apps from scratch requires an enormous investment, and it is also time-consuming. Hence, the most affordable and fastest way to get an app for your business is to convert your existing website into mobile apps. We use the latest, practical solutions to make this possible and serve you better. Here is the step-by-step procedure for making your desire into a reality.

Why Choose Us?

There are several mobile app developers in the market for you. But what makes us stand apart is our customer-centric approach.
We focus only on your requirements and benefits. Our teams of developers and designers are committed to bringing
out an outstanding product that gives you nothing but the best for your business, irrespective of your niche.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Are there any doubts that are stopping you from connecting with us? Here are a few
frequently asked questions by our clients which might help you

How much does it cost to turn a website into an app?
Before we work on the project, we discuss it with you and create detailed project specifications. This helps us to offer you a fixed-price quote that is clear and concise. You can also hold us accountable to deliver the work put on the paper for the exact cost. There is no room for sneaky fees or hidden charges. This is our commitment to your better experience.
If your website is designed specifically for mobile use, then it is a responsive web design. In contrast, mobile apps are the specific applications that are customized to each OS (Operating System).
The mobile applications store your users' data locally on the phone settings. On the other hand, the websites download users' information from the servers. Therefore, mobile apps are faster than websites. In terms of performance, native mobile apps offer the best user experience.
Comparatively, mobile apps are more secure as they operate right on your mobile devices. Whereas websites are more vulnerable as they stay live on the internet all the time.
You can create an app from your WordPress site using the plugin WPMobile. It enables you to convert your site into an application for both Android and iOS. Its customization and configuration options are available right in your WordPress dashboard.
Yes, you can. First, we launch the app in its simplest form and then update it over time as per your requirements. This approach is called MVP (Minimum Viable Product). This strategy is effective because you might have many ideas, and you can't test these ideas until they get released. Therefore, we launch the first version as a basic model, and depending on its result; we make an informed decision to update it as per your other ideas or assumptions. It prevents you from considerable engineering waste.

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