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Make Foodies Fall in Love With Our App

Let all your customers experience a seamless online food delivery application with the help of experts at SkeinTech. Applications developed in our production house will help you connect foodies with their favorite restaurants like never before. How? Because of our:

  • Foolproof project development
  • X years of experience in the application development industry
  • 100% dedication and delivery rate
  • Over X professional online food delivery developers

What Benefits Will Your Users Experience?

We use the latest technology to develop and launch your online food delivery application so that your users, restaurant owners, and customers can connect swiftly and with no complications.

Easy Onboarding

Any restaurant or a new customer can book their spot on your application with a simple application filing procedure. Apart from that your delivery guys will have a separate interface.

Takeaway Option

The user will have a takeaway option and a dine-in option. Once they choose the takeaway option, your delivery guys can provide them with food from their favourite restaurant.

Ratings & Reviews

All the listed restaurants will have a rating and review section where foodies can rate and tell them regarding their experience. The delivery guys will also have the same section once they fulfil their service.

Manage Profile

Every single user can maintain their individual profiles with no hiccups. The user experience of the application will be world-class, and people will fall in love with your app.

User Support

There will be an option to get instant tech support or any other kind of customer support for different types of users enrolled in your application.

Food mobile ui

Key Features of On-Demand Food Delivery Services at Skein Technologies

We want to offer you a top-notch service experience so that you can climb up to the top of the ladder in your industry,
here are some stand out features of our services that we'll provide you:

Key benefits image
One-Time Cost

You just need to invest once and experience a lifetime return from your online food delivery application. Once people love the app, they'll be glued to your application for years to come.

Key benefits image
NDA (Non Disclosure Agreement)

We won't proceed further without making a note of all the legal matters so that we both don't face any troubles in the future. All the details of the project will be mentioned in the agreement, and we'll fulfill them for sure.

Key benefits image
Save Time and Money

Associating with one of the leading online food delivery application developers will help you save all your energy, time, and money. We'll provide you with a 360° solution to your food delivery application problem under one roof.

Key benefits image
Application is Totally Yours

We’ll deliver the source code and the important details to you to comply with the NDA. Once the project is finished and the payment is completed you'll be the soul owner of the application.

Key benefits image
Technical Support

We won't cut all the threads with your enterprise once the project is completed, we'll be there for you for any technical support, fixing of bugs or any other after-sales service

Key benefits image
Fully Customized Result

The result we'll deliver to you will be totally in accordance with your requirement and your idea. Our team will make sure you are happy and satisfied seeing your idea come to reality within no time.

Our Food delivery app development service includes:

We'll provide different apps and panels for distinct sets of users using your online food delivery service. From your delivery guys to restaurant owners, from people looking for good food to your team, everything will be sorted in the below manner:

The customer app will be simple to use so that they can easily look out for their favourite restaurants and can order their favourite food whenever they want to.

Based on the customers location, our algorithm will list all the nearest restaurants available and the user can scroll through their menu lists.

Having a highly skilled team of developers, we'll create and launch the app on both the platforms i.e. iOS and Android, so you can cater a wider user base.

Here are some of the highlight features of this application:

Customer App Features:

  • Multiple social media login options to choose from
  • Intuitive and simple user interface
  • GPS based search results
  • Highly accurate order tracking
  • Bookmark a restaurant or a dish
  • Ratings and reviews
  • Notification and alerts
  • Multiple payment options
  • Complete details of the delivery guy
customer app
Driver app

It is a special application that only your delivery guy can have access to. Our team will make sure that the application is super easy to use so that the drivers don't face any technical difficulties.

The application will alert the driver for their next delivery and all the details of the pickup and delivery points can be easily visible to the driver.

The application will use the GPS system to keep a track of the driver's location and it will update in real time in the customer's application.

Here are some of the standout points of this application are:

Driver App Features:

  • Easy to use
  • Order summary and delivery details
  • Automatic best delivery route generation
  • Analytics
  • Instant notifications on the new order
  • Profile management
  • Real-time requests and updates
  • Payments and performance
  • Availability options

Admin panel is the brain of all the operations happening throughout your application networks

Your team will have instant access to every necessary information across all the platforms your users are using.

It will help you solve all the customer issues arising in different orders

You can scroll through all the analytics within a few clicks and help to optimize the overall process through this central hub of all the operations.

Here are some of the features in this panel:

Admin Panel Features:

  • Multiple control options
  • Customer management
  • Order management
  • Restaurant management
  • Commissions and payments
  • Menu management
  • Feedback management
  • Offers and discounts management
  • Highly accurate and smarts analytics and reports
  • Access to entire database
Admin panel
Restaurant panel

All the restaurant owners can manage their menus cards and their orders through this portal.

It makes it super easy for the owners to receive, dispatch and approve orders within a matter of a few clicks

They'll also have access to key insights so that they can see how their business is performing and how they can optimize their service to get better rankings and ratings

We can also integrate special discount offers so that the restaurant owners can attract new audiences.

Restaurant Panel App Features:

  • Order details
  • Managing business profile
  • Manage customer feedbacks
  • Useful insights
  • Details of the delivery guy and the customer
  • Support and assistance
  • Powerful dashboard
  • Manage pricing and menu
  • Payments tracking
  • Discount and coupons management

Technology stack for food delivery development app

We make use of the latest technologies available out there for our web application and mobile app developments. Our developers are trained in making the optimum use of all the effective technologies out there in the market. Here are the details of different technologies we use for different purposes of online food delivery application development:

food-app maintenance


food-app maintenance


food-app maintenance

React Native

food-app maintenance


food-app maintenance

Android Studio

food-app maintenance


food-app maintenance


food-app maintenance


food-app maintenance


food-app maintenance


food-app maintenance


food-app maintenance


food-app maintenance


food-app maintenance


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Our Process of building a food delivery app

Professionalism flows within our company. From the very first time our company gets to know about your project, our team will work tirelessly to give a world-class service experience and results. There are a few steps defined that we follow to complete an application development project:

Frequently Asked Questions

How much time will it take you to develop our online food delivery application?
Well, it all depends upon your project requirements and customizations required in your project. First, our team will understand all the basics to set a right foundation to calculate the time and the cost of the project. But we'll make sure that both these values are minimal.
It's all based on the commissions. You are helping restaurants to reach out to their potential customers and helping them increase their business. For every sale they get from your platform, you'll charge a small amount of commission percentage. Moreover, if a restaurant wants to increase their visibility on your platform, you can obviously charge them for that.
The answer is Yes. We can easily help you with that. Wecan give you a powerful web panel or an application to keep a check on your restaurant operations. If you need any customizations, our team of developers can also provide you that. The options are endless, if you got an idea we'll deliver.
You need to keep in mind the company's experience, the previous results they have delivered, reviews and ratings, background, and size. SkeinTech can be your first choice as we score high in all these aspects.
Well, there are many reasons why you should invest in an online food delivery business. For starters, people need to save their time and everyone loves to eat. So giving them the ease to order food from their smart devices will save your customers time and energy. They can also connect to their favorite restaurants within a few clicks. The industry is booming and it has a bright future ahead.

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