Hire Android App Developers in India

Hire trusted android app developers from SKEIN TECHNOLOGIES for building a successful mobile app for your business needs. No matter what your budget is, we have experienced android developers who fulfill your business requirements.

  • 5+ Years of Average Experience
  • Strict Non Disclosure Agreement
  • Lesser billing rate than Upwork, freelancer
  • 24*7 technical and customers support
  • Agile & Adaptive Development
  • Enterprise-Grade Security and IP Protection

Our Android App Development Services

Being one of the top android app development companies in India, our android developers are dedicatedly
delivering the best class mobile apps to global customers. Our experienced developers can help
you build end-to-end, scalable, fully-functional mobile app solutions
across various industry verticals.

Custom Android
App Development

Our experienced android development team analyses the unique features of android development services, which helps to improve your business standards.


Our android development services are extended for wearable gadgets due to the demand for wearables across different business domains.

AR/VR Mobile

Our talented android team focuses on modern technologies such as Augmented and Virtual Reality. Our AR/VR mobile apps are beneficial for various industry sectors.

Mobile Apps

Our Android blockchain app development service includes scalability, immutability, security, and transparency for your business needs.

With Kotlin

Since Kotlin provides faster development services for app development, our android coders are also skilled in Kotlin technologies.

Learning Apps

Our developers build AI applications by using a machine learning algorithm that accesses data and use it to learn themselves.

Android App

We integrate and transform the android apps into your back-end applications such as CMS and ERP systems according to your business need.

Android App

Our dedicated developers easily port your existing iOS application to an android application where you can expect a high ROI with less investment.

Android App

Get a free consultation with our Android experts to increase your business performance and productivity with our development services.

Why Android for Building your New Futuristic App?

Android OS has become the favorite platform for many mobile users worldwide due to its simplicity, cost-beneficial,
and customized design. Here are a few significances of android app development
for the upcoming enterprise ideas.

Convenience for customers
Low investment & high ROI
Android is open source
Enhanced security
Reduced time to market
Multi-platform integration
Versatility and scalability
Suitable for BYOD
Multi-network distribution
Booming job prospects

Why Hire Android App Developers From SKEIN TECHNOLOGIES?

In today’s world, Android became the most successful platform for mobile users because of its flexibility, user friendly,
and cost-effective. Our android developers are skilled in the latest technologies; thus, Skein Technologies offers the
best android team in India. The specialist android programmers not only focus on
smartphones, but also tablets, wearables, and non-wearables.

SKEIN TECHNOLOGIES, trusted staffing company
  • Confidentiality Assured by SKEIN TECHNOLOGIES

    100% Confidentiality Assured

    Our team securely maintains your business idea. We strictly follow the NDA terms and present 100% data security.

  • experienced android developers from SKEIN TECHNOLOGIES

    3+ Years Of Average Experience

    Our Android experts have 3+ years of experience in the successful development of 500+ android apps for various business domains.

  • increased productivity

    Increased Productivity

    Increase your business productivity by choosing the right Android app development company in India. You can hire the record-breaking android team from Skein Technologies.

SKEIN TECHNOLOGIES, trusted app development company
  • mobile app project guidance

    Project Management guidance

    Our project manager is responsible for following up with the project development lifecycle and ensuring the work goes on as planned.

  • project report tracking

    Periodic Reporting

    The Android programmers are experts in working under all tracking tools. Thus the project status report would be updated to you at every periodic cycle.

  • flexible project contract model

    Flexible Contracts

    Based on your project requirements, you can hire the recommended android team for an hourly, part-time, or full-time period.

Looking For an Android App Developer?

Do you have an innovative project idea and searching for the best android app development team? For your notice,
we have an excellent team for you who have successfully launched more than
500 android applications around the world.

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Process of Hiring Dedicated Android App Developers From SKEIN TECHNOLOGIES

SKEIN TECHNOLOGIES provides you with a practical and trouble-free Hiring approach. With the help of our hiring process, many enterprises have hired the best technology and technical domain experts still now and are highly satisfied.

  • requirement gathering

    Requirement Gathering

    At the initial phase, let us know about your business ideas and project requirements in detail. We could analyze your project needs and plan accordingly for the team size and technology service that we could offer.

  • identify your android developers or team

    Candidate Shorting

    After gathering the project requirements and providing a clear project estimation timeline and quotation, we shortlist the best android developers based on their technical skill sets that best fit your business needs.

  • shortlist andriod developers

    Conduct Interviews

    At this stage, we would share the resumes of the shortlisted candidates where you can conduct interviews with them through Skype, phone, or video calls depends on your convenience.

  • connect with project manager

    Connect with PM

    Our Project Manager would approach you after selecting the right resource for your project development. He would guide and assure you in providing the exact output at each stage of project development.

  • staffing agreement

    Terms & Conditions of Contract

    After selecting the impressive android developers for your project ideas, we need to move forward to the terms and conditions. The payment terms will be discussed and finalized, and NDA would be signed for your business to secrete security.

  • project kickstart

    The Team is Yours, Get Started

    Get started with your project development cycle with our enthusiastic development team. They would timely deliver the planned results with full support and maintenance.

Hiring Android App Developers with Skein Technologies

We offer versatile Android developers to extend your IT business based on hourly, part-time, or full-time hiring.

Dedicated Team

Suppose you have a medium-scaled project that wants a technical expert team. Then, we would present you with our best-skilled team, where the pricing is done periodically, such as 3-4 weeks.

  • Hiring period - 160 hour
  • Pricing - Monthly
  • Development methodology - Agile
  • Work place - On shore/Off shore

Fixed Price Model

Suppose you have a large and innovative project with definitive requirements. Then you can hire our dedicated experts and go for a fixed price billing (on-time payment) for the fixed project.

  • Hiring period - Fixed Timeline
  • Pricing - One-time payment
  • Development methodology - Agile
  • Work place - On shore


If you have an undefined or a short term project. Then you could get guidance and support from our developers and the pricing is done based on the hourly time spent by the team.

  • Hiring period - Hour basis
  • Pricing - Monthly
  • Development methodology - Convenient
  • Work place - Off shore

What our customer saying about us

“Our meeting organizer app was useful for many internal businesses, we have reached a maximum number of user downloads in the app store with the help of SKEIN TECHNOLOGIES.”


Digital marketing

“We are always satisfied working with SKEIN TECHNOLOGIES, they are providing excellent service and making use of the right technologies. Around 2+ years of development experience with SKEIN TECHNOLOGIES, they have offered great solutions for our projects.”


Digital marketing

“SKEIN TECHNOLOGIES has done an excellent job of developing a virtual conferencing application during the COVID-19 period and took our business to the next level in the competitive market.”


Digital marketing

“It was great working with the expert team from SKEIN TECHNOLOGIES. They dedicatedly worked on our projects and launched them successfully to the market. Our valuable clients were happy with their works.”


Digital marketing

“Skien is an enthusiastic web and mobile app development company in India, they always offer the development services at lower budget with amazing end products. Our e-learning application is established across many schools and colleges.”

Knowledge Checkers

Digital marketing

“Our 3D Interactive Ecommerce Products and Configurators developed by SKEIN TECHNOLOGIES has engaged and attracted many targeted audiences. Our retail business productivity has been increased with 3D Animations.”

3D Animation

Digital marketing

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Need to find us?

Do you have an innovative project idea and searching for the best android app development team? For your notice,
we have an excellent team for you who have successfully launched more than
500 android applications around the world.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Find some frequently asked questions by our clients when they hire an Android developer from Skein Technologies.

What’s the best approach to hire expert Android app developers?
The best way to hire Android app programmers is first to analyze with the android development candidates, whether they could fulfill your project requirements and deliver your mobile app on time to market.
If you have an innovative project idea in your hand and looking for someone to craft an app based on that then you will have to hire a team for that. Skein Technologies provides dedicated Android team that can deliver robust and scalable mobile applications.
You should initially shortlist the reliable android programmers, who can provide all the services as per your business requirements. Go for a quick interview with them to ensure that they are well-equipped with the the technologies that you require for your projects.
Here are a few latest and robust technology tools that our android app development team is skilled in: Android Studio, Android Debug Bridge, AVD Manager, Eclipse, Fabric, Genymotion, GameMaker: Studio, IntelliJ IDEA, NimbleDroid, RAD Studio, Stetho, Unity 3D, Unreal Engine, Visual Studio with Xamarin, etc.
Once you hire the android development team from SKEIN TECHNOLOGIES, we provide complete services for all your needs. Our dedicated app developers would guide you through uploading your android application on the Google Play Store
The hiring cost for an android developer depends on multiple factors like the years of experience the developer has, technology that you want your app to work on and other project requirements. You can connect with our team to discuss your project requirements and can get a free quote.
You can hire android app development freelancers based on the tasks that you want them to work on. We can assign it to a professional developer from our team accordingly.
You can directly interact with your remote android app developers. Communicate with the off-shore android team through video and audio calls, Skype meetings, emails, etc.
Yes, off-course, you can sign NDA’s with our team to enhance your project idea's security.
Our mobile app developers follow a unique Agile methodology development process to develop your mobile applications.
  • Initially, they gather project requirements from the client.
  • Secondly, they create interactive and user-friendly designs.
  • Thirdly the actual coding process takes place in action.
  • Fourthly the developed mobile application would be tested by our Quality Assurance experts, and
  • Finally, they would help the client in deploying the mobile application to the Google Play Store and other app stores.