Mobile App Development Trends in 2019


Every business organization from small to large is relying on mobile apps to promote their product/services and streamline their business. As I said above mobile apps and trends are developing every day. The Mobile phone is serving beyond its purpose from just a mobile phone.  With over 25 billion apps downloaded in 2018. The Mobile app market has seen a growth of approximately 10% each year. Latest new technologies and trends are popping up like a mushroom. Here I am going to give you some of the latest trends in mobile app development trend that you should watch out in 2019.

Surge of Instant Mobile App

There are over 25 billion apps available from the app store and play store, but there are still very small numbers of apps actually installed and used on consumer devices. About 2 in 10 people delete apps after the single use, that’s because lot of unnecessary apps been hosting in app store everyday in order to avoid these mess instant apps are introduced. Instant Mobile Apps is reaching its popularity day by day. It allows the user to trail run the apps without download and install the apps in the Smartphone.
With these instant apps, the user can have a clear idea about the functions of the application. And it saves the precious time, space and data of downloaded and installing unwanted apps in the smartphones.
The best part is that instant applications are not only popular among people but also with the mobile app development companies. As they find them useful because it helps mobile developers to achieve better conversion rates than a standard mobile app.
One of the advantages of the instant apps is that unlike progressive web apps it allows the user to play games without getting installed in phones. Many Game industries like zeptoLab, King are implementing instant apps and improve their conversion rate.

Growth of Internet of Things (IOT)

IOT is making a significant impact in the mobile industries from the introduction of the Google Home and Amazon Echo. These IOT integrated devices allow the user to control and manage the appliance without any physical contact.  The need for these technologies has been rising by the end of2020 the investment for IOT will increase by 120 billion dollars.

As a result, market demand for such devices will result in the need for better applications to control them. With IOT app development, the dream of smooth connection and control would be a step closer to reality.

Influence of Chatbots in Mobile app development

Chatbots today are an essential part of most on-demand applications, enabling you to respond fast to your customers in real time. Chatbot reduces the manpower and helps the customer to guide each and every aspect of the business. As well as provide a real human touch to the user. The survey shows that by the year 2025, the Chatbot market will rise to 1250 million. This is due to the fact that service providers and customers need a real-time interaction.

Today, some of the top companies benefit from customer participation through chatbots. Mobile users tend to give up mobile apps a while later. Therefore, chatbots are expected to address this problem.  Chatbots getting improved day by day there is no denying fact that the chatbot is going to act as the best digital weapon for many businesses to write their success story.

Raising needs for Block-chain Technology

When we’re talking about the mobile app trends we can’t be talking without Blockchain Technology.  Although a few years ago it was launched, the blockchain technology created a boom in 2018. Blockchain technology primarily developed for secure cryptocurrency transaction (Bitcoin) as it creates various block of information in a chained manner without duplicating existing block As a result information in the block can’t be changed or modified. In particular, in terms of assets, major financial institutions and investment institutions have benefited enormously.          

The main advantage of the blockchain technology provides user transparency in data and information and cut downs the 3rd person interaction and cost. For example, when let say you are buying shoes in any shopping website and you pay it through your credit card here your bank (credit card) takes some amount of transaction fee for the purchase you have done the shopping site. When the block chain technology is implemented its blocks your bank interference and provide a secure connection to you and the shopping site.

From the recent report, the blockchain technology market is expected to reach the 20 billion dollars mark by 2024. This means that in 2019, the trend is likely to headline mobile applications that are going to capitalize on the decentralized monetary platform.

Beacons Technology is the Next Big Thing

What is beacon technology? Beacons are small wireless transmitters that send information to other devices nearby using Bluetooth. Put, they connect and transfer information to smart devices to facilitate and accurate location-based search and interaction.

This technology has been in the market for years. But in 2018, many industries and developers had found various advantages of this technology. It will make its presence even stronger in 2019. We could see many businesses are now implementing beacon to promote their product and services easy to the customers.  

Spiraling AR and VR technology

AR and VR technology is improving its standards which created a huge influence in the audience in recent years. We have seen Pokemon Go made huge fuzz in the AR and VR technology it doesn’t stop with mobile gaming. However, the commitment of users and applications has definitely grown with social media like Snapchat, Instagram to implement this innovation. Now many smartphone industries are trying to get a hand in this technology. Some examples are Apple X, Samsung s10 with AR filters and cameras and not only on Smartphone YouTube integrates VR videos. On the note from the report from statistics, the investment of VR and AR is moved up to 27 billion dollars, and it continues to increase in 2019.

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