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Product configurator
To retain its leading position in the market when potential owners are exposed to unparalleled choice, Glowship decided to give their customers an easy way to find their products.For the most part, the home utility solutions marketplace is still stuck in the traditional 2d banners which are more expensive and time-consuming.


A product configurator simplifies the presentation of product catalogs that can sometimes be very large: it is actually the equivalent of thousands of pages referencing all the possible variations, combined in one playful and intuitive interface.

How We Do It

Our client felt that their users need to find the Items/category an easy and fastest way. Our team finds out a way instead of going with traditional 2d banners we decide to turn it as 2d Interactive banner which emphasizes only the product category and its allied products gave a fantastic user experience. Our 2D Interactive banner helps the customers to pick on the desired category along with the allied products.The Important feature of our configurator is it can predict the accurate energy needs based on your Inputs like measurement of your home and the electric and electronic items used at your home.


The client is happy with the new 2d Interactive banners. The configurator has proved to be quickly and easily adopted by Glowship customers after the implementation of 2d interactive banner the sale of Glowship increased to 50%.

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